Veterinary Dentistry for Oral and Dental Health

Dental Health is critical for overall animal health.

Periodontal disease and other tooth or gum conditions can cause pain, loss of teeth, and lead to infections that can spread to the major organs of the body. In fact, chronic, untreated dental disease is believed to cause a number of problems affecting the heart, kidneys, and liver.

Dog Teeth Cleaning after SurgeryTo keep your pet’s mouth—and, therefore, his entire body—healthy requires at-home dental care, annual wellness examinations, teeth cleaning, and sometimes, extractions.

At South Auburn Veterinary Hospital, we perform these safe, effective cleanings and can instruct you on how to brush your pet’s teeth and make dental care a part of your pet care routine. We also offer other products to help with your pet’s dental needs, besides brushing. We understand that some pets are resistant to having their teeth brushed. If this is the case, we can help find the right product for you and your pet.

More than just a great smile, a healthy mouth is an indicator of overall good health. And that is definitely something to smile about!

Call us to schedule a dental examination for your pet.