Preventive Medicine: Wellness Care for Dogs, Cats, & Pocket Pets

Wellness care is the foundation of veterinary care for all pets, large and small. Annual wellness examinations offer us a chance to form a relationship with you and your pet.

Wellness care is preventive care. It is integral to disease prevention through excellent nutrition, weight management, physical examinations, important vaccinations and preventives, and behavioral well-being.

happy collie dog standing outsidePreventive veterinary medicine encompasses every aspect of your pet’s physical and emotional health, beginning from those youthful years through the senior years.

Tailored Wellness Programs

Because meeting the needs of your pet requires an individualized approach to care, our focus on wellness considers lifestyle, breed, age, and other important factors.

Empowering Pet Owners

For us, one of the most important tasks we can undertake toward the optimal health of your pet is through pet care education.

As a loving pet owner, you play a critical role in keeping your pet healthy and content. That is why we take the time during wellness appointments to thoroughly answer your questions, listen to concerns, and offer educational resources and instruction to enhance the level of care your pet receives.

Please contact us to schedule a wellness visit. We are always here to provide support in your pet care needs.