Wellness Care for the Health & Vitality of Your Senior Pet

Parson Jack Russell terrier with collar and ballOur pets are living longer lives as veterinary medicine advances. For those who adore senior pet companions, this is wonderful news—giving us more years to make incredible memories with our furry best friends.

The team at South Auburn Veterinary Hospital strives to make every day a good one for our pet patients through advanced health care and pet owner education.

Because pets over the age of 6 years are at increased risk of certain diseases and conditions, we recommend twice-yearly examinations. These more frequent exams can help detect any changes to your pet’s health early, which allows for expedience in treatment.

Some of the common conditions that emerge in a pet's golden years include diabetes, obesity, arthritis, dental disease, thyroid imbalances, cancer, and cognitive or behavioral changes. A biannual exam helps with early diagnosis and management of certain conditions.

To learn more about our senior pet wellness services and how to encourage increased mobility, greater quality of life, and longevity for your pet, contact us.